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Terms and conditions of car rental Agreement

1.1 The "rental period" means the period commencing with the time of the rental and ending either when the vehicle is returned as specified (whether by the renter or not). Or when the owner receives proper confirmation of theft or destruction of the vehicle, "damages" include loss of and damage to the vehicle, its tires, tools and accessories and any costs incurred by the owner in connection with the loss or damage.

Third party damage" means all loss of or damage to third party property and any costs incurred by the owner in connection with such loss or damage.



1.2 The renter agrees to present a current (full or non-probationary) driver's license to the owner prior to each rental from the owner.


1.3 The renter agrees to advise each additional driver of the terms and conditions of this agreement.


1.4 The renter agrees to indemnify the owner for all liabilities incurred by either the renter or additional driver during each rental period throughout the term of this agreement.

Rent of vehicle

1.5 The renter hereby rent the vehicle from the owner on the terms of the agreement.

1.6 Renter represents that all information on the signed enrollment form is true and complete. In the event it is not, the owner reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately without notice.

Rental process

1.7 Vehicle rental at time of rental, renter will either be met at a designed airport arrival area and escorted to the vehicle where renter will show valid renter's license then, renter will be delivered a designed vehicle. At the end of the rental, the renter will return the vehicle intact to the owner return location specified in the reservation, unless otherwise agreed to by the owner. Renter will be responsible for all applicable kilometer rates and time, charges items selected on renter's signed enrollment form, miscellaneous services, taxes, airport concession fees, fuel charges, and mandatory surcharges in effect at time of rental.

Use restrictions

1.8 The vehicle will not be operated by anyone:

a) who allow more passengers to occupy the vehicle than are seats belts or who does not require all occupants to comply with applicable seatbelt and child-restraint laws ;

b) outside the kingdom of Thailand ;

c) off regularly maintained and paved roadways ;

d) who leaves the vehicle and fails to remove the keys, close and lock all doors and close all windows and the trunk, or otherwise aids in vandalism or theft of the vehicle.

e) when continued operation of a damaged vehicle cause further damage to the vehicle(such as driving on a flat tire or after the engine or oil lights go on); to carry hazardous or explosive substances.

f) to engage in any speed contest, stunt or related training activities, to carry people or property for hire, to push anything; to tow anything; who improperly fuels the vehicle; who improperly load the vehicle or transport weight exceeding the vehicle's maximum capacity.

g) If the vehicle is obtained upon the basis of false or misleading information.

h) who, as a result of reckless misconduct, damages the vehicle or cause personal injury or property damage to others.


i) during the commission of felony or a criminal offense or for transportation of illegal drug or contraband.


j) while intoxicated or under the influence of any substance that impairs driving ability.

k) while driving ability is impaired, including by medical conditions, drowsiness or fatigue, or who refuse to perform any test of impairment when lawfully requested to do so as evidence of such impairment.

Vehicle loss and damage

1.9 Renter is responsible for all loss of and damageto the vehicle regardless of fault (including but not limited to any loss or damage caused by collision, accident, theft, vandalism, fine, acts of god, or others events) and any reduction in the retail value of the vehicle that remains after repair, actual towing, storage, impound and all others related expenses, plus renter's loss of use and an administrative charge for expenses associated with processing the loss and damage claim. If there is no violation of a use restriction (paragraph"use restriction").

Renter's indemnification of owner

2.0 renter will indemnify and hold owner harmless from all liability,costs and expenses(including attorneys fees) for all claims which are excluded from or in excess, of the protection provided to authorized drivers by owner as described in contract, and for all claims by or against owner resulting from renter's failure to comply with all terms and conditions of this agreement. If owner brings a claim or action against renter for recovery of amounts specified in the vehicle loss and damage section (paragraph 1.9), this renter's indemnification of owner section (paragraph 2.0). Renter agrees to reimburse owner for its costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys fees, litigation costs and expenses) incurred in the claim or action.


2.1 authorized drivers will promptly complete incident report, including appropriate police accident reports, and deliver to owner a copy of all related documents. Authorized drivers will also fully cooperate with owner's investigation of any vandalism, theft, accident, claim or lawsuit involving the vehicle and with owner's defense of any authorized driver(this obligation to cooperate does not create a duty of defense by owner).

Traffic law violations

2.2 renter will pay all fines and penalties for traffic law violations that occur during the rental(including parking violations), and an administrative charge to owner for responding to authorities concerning such violations. Owner may give information about the vehicle rental to those authorities.

Repairs and alterations

2.3 renter will not permit any repair to the vehicle, or the replacement of any part on the vehicle, without consent of owner. Renter will not tamper with the vehicle's odometer or speedometer or otherwise alter the vehicle, renter will pay for all unauthorized repairs and replacement parts, as well as the cost of restoring any unauthorized alterations.

Failure to return vehicle

2.4 if the vehicle is not returned when due or within 24h after written or oral demand by owner. Renter will be in unlawful possession of the vehicle, and owner may seek the insurance of a warrant for the arrest of anyone in possession of the vehicle(including renter). Any overtime will be charged to the renter per hour, at 10% of the daily basis renting rates.

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